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Pay Your PNC Mortgage Loan

PNC financial services is a bank holding concern and operate in 19 states of the United States and in the district of Columbia and it has 2,459 branches and 9,051 ATMs. The company has its headquarter in, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and is the eighth largest bank in the United States with subsidiaries named, Harris Williams & Co and many more.

Rates of PNC mortgage

To know about the rates you have to visit,

Here scroll down and click on ‘Mortgage’ in blue. Here you can get the rates by typing the loan type, the amount you want to borrow, and the zip code and after that click on ‘Get rates’. This way you will get the local rates in your area. You can also scroll down to check the rates based on various loans and if you are still not satisfied or want to know more you can call a loan officer at, 1-877-508-3339.

Mortgages PNC

Apply for PNC mortgage

  • To apply you can visit the page

  • Here on the page you can either scroll down and click on ‘Mortgage’ otherwise you can go to the menu panel, and here go to, ‘Lending’ and from the drop-down hit on, ‘Buy a home’.

  • On the exact page you will get the various loan options as you scroll down and click at the right side, ‘get started’ you will be taken to the contact details page and here you must fill up the form to get pre-approved.




  • Select your financial goal

  • Your first name

  • Last name

  • Primary phone number

  • Email address

  • Mention the preferred contact method

  • Zip code

  • Specify if you are eligible for VA home loan or not

  • Specify if you have any recent loan with PNC or not and then click on ‘Continue’.


Contact Us Mortgage ALF PNC


  • Follow the later details and you will be able to apply for the pre-approval.

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Check application status

To check the application status of the mortgage you can call, 1-877-508-3339. Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 10 pm. Friday: 8 am to 6 pm.

Saturday to Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm.

If your loan gets approved you have to enroll with an online account and after logging in you can pay the loan.

Enrollment in account

  • To enroll visit,

  • Here on the landing page at the right side under the menu panel, you will get the login box and here click on ‘Enroll in online banking’.

  • On the next page click on ‘Get started’ and here on the page enter

  • Your social security number

  • Debit card PIN

  • PIN account number and click on ‘Next’.


PNC Bank Online Banking


  • Do follow the later instructions and you will be able to enroll with an account.

Logging in to the account




  • On the landing page under the menu panel at the right side, you will find the login box and here type your, user ID, the set password and clicking on ‘Login’ you will be logged in.

Forgot username or password

If you have misplaced your username or password of PNC then visit the same page and here under the menu panel at the right side login box click on, ‘Forgot user ID or password?’. For password enter your online banking user ID, your social security number or tax identifiaction number, full PNC account number and click on ‘Next’. After this follow the detailed prompts and you will be able to get back the password. For user ID you have to contact the customer service.

Benefits of PNC online account

  • Pay bills online and free

  • Get to view online statement history

  • Get access to account balance

  • Get alerts via text messages and email.

  • Send money to family and friends

  • Get to manage your account

Mortgage payment

To pay the loan of PNC you will get 6 options, online payment, electronic fund transfer, speedpay, payment via mail, in-branch payment, bi-weekly draft. For that, you have to visit,

Payment Options PNC

Online payment

To pay online you have to enroll for an account and then logging in you can pay the loan. You can take help from the above-mentioned points for it as well.

Electronic fund transfer

Get to pay free by EFT and you can avail this part by logging into your account.


You have to log into your account and choose this option. You have to pay an extra fee of, $7 for this.

Payment via mail

You can send the payment with all the details at, PNC Mortgage, P. O. Box 6534, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6534. For the western half, PNC Mortgage, P.O. Box 54828, Los Angeles, CA 90054-0828.

In-branch payment

You can pay by visiting any PNC branch.

Bi-weekly draft

By this part, you can pay off your loan faster. You have to make half payment in every 2 weeks and you get to pay in 13 months total.

Contact details

For any further assistance, you can contact PNC in the toll-free number- 1-888-762-2265


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