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SoFi or social finance is the provider of online personal finance and the company was founded in August 2011 and serves mortgages, personal loan, student loans, and refinancing. SoFi has its headquarter in San Francisco, California, United States and it has subsidiaries, ZenBanx, Inc, SoFi Securities and so on.

Rates of personal loan

To know about the rates of SoFi you have to visit, www.sofi.com . Here at the right side of the menu panel click on ‘Find my rate’ in blue. Choose ‘Personal loans’ and click on the same. On the next page, you have to go through a registration and filling up the details you can find the rates.

  • Here type your

  • First name

  • Last name

  • State of the residence

  • Email

  • Password

  • Confirm password


SoFi Registration


  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Continue’.

Apply for loan

After checking the rate you qualify for you will be able to complete the application and after signing the essential documents you will get the loan.

If your loan gets approved, you have to create an online account and upon login, you can pay the loan online.

Create an account

To go through this part you have to visit www.sofi.com

Here on the landing page at the right side of the menu click on ‘Log in’.

On the very next page click on ‘Create an account’.

SoFi Registration

If you have gone through the registration at the time of checking the rate, then this is the same one and you already have an account with SoFi.

Logging into your account


SoFi Log In


  • On the log in page from the right side of the menu panel enter your registered email, and the confirmed password and hit on ‘Log in’.

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Forgot username or password

If you have forgotten the login credentials of SoFi then you must visit the same page as before and in the login page click on, ‘Forgot password?’. On the adjacent page type your registered email address and press on, ‘Reset password’. Do follow the later prompts and you will be able to get back the details.

Features of SoFi personal loans

  • You will not have to pay an origination fee

  • There are no pre-payment fee

  • There is no late fee

  • Get low rates

  • Get community benefits

Benefits of SoFi online account

  • Get to pay loan online

  • Get to manage your account

  • Get auto-pay service

Personal loan payment

There are 4 ways you can pay the loan of SoFi, online payment, mail payment, phone payment, auto pay. To avail the online ones you can visit www.sofi.com/login . 

Online payment

To pay online you have to create an account and then after logging in you can pay the loan. For this part, you can take note from the above-mentioned points.


To enroll for this you have to log into your account first then go for the same.

Payment by mail

You can send your payment to, SoFi Lending Corp Personal Loan, PO Box 654158, Dallas, TX 75265-4158. For the address where a signature is required send their payment at, SoFi Lending Corp Personal Loan

Attn: Lockbox Operations 654158

2701 East Grauwyler Rd., BLDG 1

Irving, TX 75061.

Payment via phone

To pay by phone you have to call on, 855-456-7634.

Contact details

For any assistance you can contact at, (855) 456-7634

Monday to Thursday 4 am to 9 pm

Friday to Sunday 4 am to 5 pm. You can also send an email with your queries to, customerservice@sofi.com.

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