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Pay The Yonkers Parking Ticket

The parking ticket department of Yonkers is responsible equitable and fair disposition red light camera violations and parking tickets. The agency also provides details and always responds the queries from the public, send late notices, collect due amounts, conducts hearing and tickets.

Information to pay the ticket of Yonkers

To pay the ticket you need to go  then ‘Services’ , ‘Make a Payment’ and then ‘Ticket’

  • The ticket number and this is for the payment on the same number.

  • By the plate number type,

  • Ticket number

  • Plate number

  • State

  • Pate type


Tickets City of Yonkers NY


Hints to pay the Yonkers parking tickets online

  • The address has to be accurate and the one depicted in your credit card billing statement, otherwise, the payment won’t be accepted.

  • There should be no partial payment for the online, and there will be no refunds once the ticket is paid. If you are looking for detailed information then you can contact, PVB.

  • If you have got the ticket within the last few days, then you have to wait for two days and then you need to try again.

  • If the Yonkers ticket is done within 96 hours then you cannot avail phone or online options. To pay the amount you need to mail it and that should be direct to PVB or pay a visit there.

  • If you have chosen to listen to the hearing process online then you have to wait at least one day and wait for the amount to reflect online. If the due date of payment has passed and if the reduction isn’t reflected then your full payment will be due.

  • In case of outstanding tickets, you will not be able to pay online and for that, you have to visit PVB or mail the payment.

  • There will be no charge for e-check but if the check is returned then you have to pay an extra fee of, $35.

Pay Yonkers parking ticket online


Data Search


  • Do follow the alter instructions and you will be able to pay the ticket.

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Yonkers parking ticket payment

To pay the same you will get, 6 options, credit or debit card payment, e-check payment, online payment, pay by phone, pay by mail, pay in person. For the online payment, you have to visit,

Online payment

To pay this way, you need to go to the above link and check out the process too.

By mail

You can send the payment with all the details to, City of Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau, 87 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701.

By phone

To pay via phone, you need to call at the toll-free number- 1-866-377-9665.

Pay in person

If you want to pay in person then you can visit, Parking Violations Bureau at 87 Nepperhan Avenue, 2nd Floor.

Contact details

If you are looking for any assistance with Yonkers parking ticket payment, then you can contact at the toll-free number- 914-377-6600 or you can send an email to,

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