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Pay Your Rutgers Term Bill

Rutgers is the state university of New Jersy and also known as the Rutgers University as well. This is the largest educational institute for higher studies in New Jersy and its location is, New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden, New Jersey, U.S. The university has its subsidiary, New Brunswick.

Rates and fees of Rutgers

  • To know about the Rutgers tuition fees and rates you need to go to, www.rutgers.edu .

  • On the exact page in the menu panel click on, ‘Admission’ and from the drop-down press on, ‘Financial aid & tuition’.

  • Here scroll down and at the right side you will get the option for, ‘Tuition & fees’.


Tuition and Fees


  • In the adjacent page, you will get an overview of, all the fees and tuition Rutgers charges to their students.

  • You will get the rates, for different stream students.

  • Mandatory rates, which includes,

  • Campus fee

  • Off-campus fee

  • School fees

  • Computer fee

  • Course fee

  • International student fee

  • New student fee

  • Douglas residential college fee

  • On campus dining and housing and other optional fees.

To pay the fees of Rutgers online you need to create an authorized account, and the upon login you can have the task finished.

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Create an account for Rutgers

  • To create an account you need to go to, www.finservices.rutgers.edu/otb

  • Here click on, ‘Create authorized user account’.

  • On the next page click on, ‘Register’ in red

  • In this page type

  • First name

  • Middle name (optional)

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Confirm email

  • Password

  • Confirm password




  • Date of birth and click on ‘Register’.

Logging into your Rutgers account

  • After the registration, you can log in to your ‘NETID’ or the ‘RUID’.

  • For this you need to visit, www.rutgers.edu 

  • Here at the bottom of the page click on, ‘myRutgersPortal’.

  • In this adjacent page at the top right side click on ‘Login’ and you will be taken to the next page.

  • Enter your NETID

  • The confirmed password


Rutgers Central Authentication Service CAS


  • Choose the authentication type and click on ‘Login’.

Forgot username or password

  • If you have misplaced the login details of Rutgers then you need to visit www.rutgers.edu , and here at the bottom of the page click on, ‘myRutgersPortal’. In here at the top right corner click on ‘Login’ and press on ‘Forgotten NETID or password’.

  • Here type your

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Choose the identifier

  • Type the last 4 digits of the identifier

  • Date of birth

  • Check the validation box and click on ‘Lookup your NETID’.

  • In the case of a password, type

  • NetID

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Choose identifier

  • Type the last 4 digits of the same

  • Date of birth

  • Activation key, if applicable

  • Check the validation box and press on ‘Continue’.

Do follow the later prompts after this and you will be able to get back all the details.

Fees payment for Rutgers

To pay the fees, you will get 6 options, online payment, student portal payment, echeck payment, by mail, in person payment. For the online, you can visit,www.finservices.rutgers.edu/otb. For student portal, www.my.rutgers.edu/portal/render.userLayoutRootNode.uP. For echeck, www.rutgers.scholartuitionplans.com .

Online payment

You can pay the fees by logging into the account and you will get the process mentioned above.

Student portal payment

Log into the account with the same login details as online payment, and make payment.

Echeck payment

Log in with the same details as before and pay the fees by echeck from your bank account.

Pay by mail

You can mail the fees to, Rutgers, Term Bill Processing Unit, P.O. Box 2021, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2021. You will get the term bill from the student account.

In person payment

For this, you can visit, www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/cashier-offices , and from here you will get all the information.

Contact details

For any more assistance, you need to call at, 732-445-4636.

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