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Register And Pay For Independence Power And Light

Independence power & light or IPL was founded in 1901, to provide utility services to businesses and residential customers. The company provides reliable and affordable services for their consumers.

Rates and tariffs

IPL provides competitive rates for their customers, and they also provide power and light for non-profit and municipal works as well. The company has their blue valley plant, and here they serve all the local people with affordable rates, and their employees are the residents of that place as well. So if you are intrigued in knowing the rates and tariffs of IPL, you have to visit, www.ci.independence.mo.us/utilities/cisinfinity. Here at the left side of the page go to the ‘Utilities online’ option. On the directed page on the right side, you will get ‘Rate information’ for water, electric and water pollution control. This will give you an insight into the rates.

Utilities Online Rates

Also if you want to start a new service, you can do that by clicking on the left side menu option. You will have to fill up an application for that.

To pay the utility bills of IPL, you have to log in to the online account. However, for this step, you have to be a registered customer at the same time. Heres how.

Register for IPL

  • If you want to register you need to follow some steps for it, but first you have to go to the exact page at www.ci.independence.mo.us/utilities/cisinfinity Check the step 1- here press on the ‘look up your new customer/account number’ button.

  • On the given page you have to enter your old IPL account number and press on ‘Search’.


Account Number Search


  • Step 2- You have to click on the ‘Register for utilities online’.

  • Here you have to type your,

  • Username

  • Password

  • Confirm password

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Customer number

  • Account number

  • Receive eBills? Or not

  • Email address

  • Confirm email address and press on the ‘Register’ button.


Independence Utilities Register


  • Step 3- will be to check your email verification in your given email address.

  • Step 4- here you press on the ‘ Go to utilities online’ and prepare for logging in to your account.

The detailed steps of registration must be followed, and then you can go to the logging in the page, and pay your bill by logging into your account.

Logging in to your account

  • For this you have to visit, www.utilities.indepmo.org

  • Here enter your given username and the confirmed password and press on the ‘Login’ button.




  • This is the way you can pay your online bill as well.

Forgot username or password

It can happen that you have forgotten your login details, and you need them to pay your IPL bill. For this, you have to visit, https://utilities.indepmo.org/. Here at the bottom of the login section, you have to click on, ‘Retrieve password’ option.

Retrive Password

The page you will be directed to, here you have to type your username and press on the ‘Send password’ button. If you follow the prompts afterward, you will surely get the details back.

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Benefits of IPL

  • Get paperless bills

  • Pay bills online

  • Get the best customer service

  • View your bill history.

Bill payment

You will get 5 ways for the bill payment. You can choose the convenient one.

Online payment

Pay your bill by logging into your registered account. Check the above-mentioned steps on registration and of logging in the process as well.

One time payment

If you are all reluctant to log in and pay your IPL bill. You must try the one-time payment method. For this visit, www.ci.independence.mo.us/utilities/cisinfinity .

On the directed page at the right side, press on the ‘Make a one-time payment’ option in blue.

Here you have to enter your customer and account number, then pressing on the ‘Go’, will take you to the payment option.

Payment via mail

You can send your money order at, City of Independence, P.O. Box 219362, Kansas City, MO 64121-9362.

Payment via phone

If you want to contact and pay the IPL bill, you can do that by contacting, 816-325-7930.

In person

To avail this option, you can venture to- www.ci.independence.mo.us/PL/BillPmt . Here you will get the addresses of your nearby payment locations.

Bill Payment City of Independence Missouri

Independence Power And Light Contact details

To know more about IPL or if you need any assistance, you can call the customer service at- (816) 325-7378.

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