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Register And Pay Your Manatee County Water Bill

The Manatee County water system provides the best services to its, 320,000 consumers. They serve in Manatee County, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Bradenton beach as well. The company makes sure that their consumers get the best, affordable and pure water service.

Rates and tariffs

As you know Manatee county serves, in Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, and in Manatee County. The concern offers affordable and pure water system for its consumers, to view the rates you must view www.mymanatee.org/departments/utilities .

On the landing page, check the left side and click on ‘Account and billing’ option from the list. Here look at the list on the left again, and pressing on ‘Rates for trash, water & sewer’ will get you to the designated page. On the directed page, you will get all the rates that you were looking for.

To pay your water bill of Manatee County, you have to log in to your account, and for that, registration is required. Heres how.

Register for Manatee county water service

  • To register, you have to go to www.mymanatee.org/departments/utilities

  • Here under the menu panel, click on, ‘Pay utility bill’ option.

  • On the next page scroll down and under menu press on, ‘Pay bill online’, and you will be taken to another page.

Pay Utility Bill Online Manatee County


  • Here hit on, ‘Register now’ button.

  • You will have to enter your

  • Account number

  • Username

  • Password


UWAPCREG Registration


  • Verify password and pressing on the ‘Continue’ will get you to further prompt. Follow the same and you will be able to create an account.

After you register with an online account, you must log in to your account and pay the bill online.

Logging in to your account


Pay Utility Bill Online Manatee County


  • At the page, you must enter your username and the confirmed password and then hit on, ‘Login’.

  • This way you will be able to log in and pay your bill at the same time.

Forgot username or password

To retrieve your username and password of Manatee County, you have to visit,www.mymanatee.org/departments/utilities. Here under the menu click on, ‘Pay utility bill’, and there click on ‘Pay bill online’. In the next page press on the ‘Forgot your password?’ button. Here you have to set a new password and that can be done by entering, account number, username, new password, verify new password and press on the ‘Continue’ button. Following the detailed prompts, you must get the information back.

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Benefits of Manatee county water service

  • Make online payment

  • Get to view bills and history of consumption.

  • Get paperless billing

  • Get to view your residential garbage collection day.

Bill payment

You will get 4 ways to pay your Manatee county water service bill.

Online payment

Make an online payment by logging in to your account. Check the above-mentioned points and you will be able to pay your bill online.

Payment via mail

To pay via mail you have to send your payment at- Manatee County Utilities Department, Administration Building, 4410 66th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34210.

Payment via phone

To pay your bill by phone, you can call on the toll-free number- 941-792-8811.

Payment in person

  • To avail this option you can visit, www.mymanatee.org/departments

  • Here at the left side, press on the ‘Utilities’ option.

  • On the next page on the left side click on, ‘Accounts and billing’.


Accounts and Billing


  • Here pressing on the ‘Bill payment options’ and here under ‘In person/Mail/ Dropbox’ tag you can check the address. Although, for this, you have to pay an extra fee of- $1.00.

Manatee County Contact details

You can contact the customer service for any issue at the toll-free number- (941) 742-5800.

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