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Register And Pay Your Indianapolis Power And Light Bill

Indianapolis power & light is a subsidiary of AES Corporation, and its headquarter is in, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. IPL or IPLACO is a utility service provider in America. and provides its services in the city of Indianapolis. It was acquired by AES in 2000. IPALCO has approximately, 1,500 employees.

Rates and tariffs

IPALCO serves more than 470,000 consumers in Indianapolis. To know about the rates and tariffs of the same, you have to visit, www.iplpower.com. Here at the menu panel, you have to go to the ‘My account’ option. Here in the drop down press on the ‘Understand your bill’ option. If you scroll down on the exact page, you will get the option of ‘Rates & tariffs’. Clicking on ‘Read more’ will take you to the page of contents on rates and tariffs. You can easily check it from here.

Rates and Tariffs

IPLACO has an online bill payment system, and for that their consumers have to log into the online account. To avail this logging in service you have to be a registered. Heres how you do it.

Register for online IPALCO account

  • To register you must venture to- www.iplpower.com

  • Here you will get a green box on the left just under the menu panel.

  • This is the log in section, you can also click on the top right side, ‘Sign in’ button to achieve the same.


Home Indianapolis Power Light Company


  • Here at the bottom of the green box, you will have to hit on, ‘Create online account’.

  • On the directed page, you have to enter, account number, zip code, and input the validation code and press on the ‘Continue’ button.


Create an Account Indianapolis


  • Do follow the detailed prompts and you will be able to register with an account.

After you register, you must log in to your account, and pay your bill online.

Logging in to your account


Home Indianapolis Power Login


  • Here under the menu panel in the green box enter your, username, confirmed password and pressing on the ‘Sign in’ button, you will be logged in to your account and pay the bill of IPALCO.

Forgot username or password

If you have forgotten your IPALCO username or password, you have to visit the same page. Here in the green box, you must press on the ‘Forgot username’ button. Here on the directed page enter your registered email address and click on ‘Submit’. For password press on the ‘Password’ button. On the exact page you have to enter your username and email address, then hit on, ‘Submit’. Following the details afterward, you will get back the login details.

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Benefits of IPALCO

  • Pay bill online

  • It’s easy to use

  • You can set up auto pay

  • Get paperless statements

  • Get to view the energy uses and much more.

Bill payment

You will get 5 payment ways with IPALCO.

Online payment

You can pay your bill online and that can be done by logging in to the account. Here we have mentioned the way you can do the same.

Kubra EZ-PAY

You can pay this way without logging in to your account.

Visit, https://secure8.i-doxs.net/EZ-PAY2/OneTimeValidate.aspx?BillerID=QpiKjfc4rJ

Here enter your IPL OR IPALCO account number, bill mailing zip code and press on the ‘Next’ button.

Payment via mail

If you want to pay by mail, you can do that by sending the payment at- Indianapolis Power & Light Company, P.O. Box 110, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Payment via phone

To avail this payment method, you can call on the- 888-261-8222. Or 800-672-2407. If you pay with a credit card you have to pay a $1.95 fee.

In person

Get to pay in person you can go to- IPL Customer Service Center at 2102 N. Illinois Street in Indianapolis.

Contact details

If you are facing any issue or have any query, you can contact the customer service- Residential Customer Service Line

888.261.8222 or 317.261.8222. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. Closed on weekends.

For Business Customer Service Line contact- 317.261.8444. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Closed on weekends.

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