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Pay Your Bay Area Bridge Toll

Bay area bridge toll applies on all the bridges on this area and the tolls are made by Fastrak. The golden gate bridge is the main one among the few and has so many payment options infused with it.

Create an account with Fastrak

  • To create an account with Fastrak you need to visit, On the landing page at the right side click on ‘My account’ and press on ‘Get online account access’.

  • Here type the

  • Account number or the toll tag number


FasTrak Keeping the Bay Area Moving


  • Zip code and click on ‘Submit’.

To get the toll tag number

  • To avail, this number go to

  • Here in the middle of the page click on ‘Sign up’.

  • Here at the left side click on, ‘Open new account’.

  • On the adjacent page type

  • First name

  • Middle name (optional)

  • Last name

  • Mailing address

  • Company name (optional)

  • Zip code

  • Email address

  • Re-type email address

  • Phone number, select the type

  • Accept the benefits you want to have

  • Specify the way you want the monthly fee to be delivered to you

  • Username

  • Password

  • Re-type password

  • Set a security question

  • Answer the question


FasTrak Creat Account


  • Enter the 4 digit PIN you have and click on ‘Next: toll tags & vehicles’.

  • Follow the prompts after this and you will be able to get the toll tag number.

After this, you need to register the toll tag number and that can be done by these following steps.

Register the toll tag number of bay area bridge toll

  • To register the toll tag number you need to go to

  • Here on the page in the middle click on ‘Sign up’.

  • On the next page at the right side ‘Register toll tag for new account’.

  • Here in the adjacent page type the

  • Toll tag number


FasTrak Register


  • Validation code and click on ‘Create a new Fastrak account’.

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Logging into your account of bay area bridge toll

  • To log in you need to visit,

  • Here on the landing page, at the right side click on, ‘My account’.


FasTrak Login


  • In the dialogue box input, the username and the re-typed password then click on, ‘Log in’.

Forgot username or password

If you have misplaced the login credentials of Fastrak, you need to visit the same page, and here go to the right side and in the ‘My account’ dialogue box press on, ‘Forgot password or username’. For password input, the username and the zip code and press on, ‘Submit’. In case of username, type account number or toll tag number, zip code and hit on ‘Lookup username’. Do follow the prompts after this and you will get back all the details.

Toll payment of bay area bridge toll

There are 4 options for the bridge toll payment, and they are Fastrak account payment , License plate payment, One-time payment, toll invoice payment. After this, if the toll is from the Bay Bridge, the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, the Carquinez Bridge, the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, the Dumbarton Bridge, or the Antioch Bridge, you will get Fastrak account payment and cash payment.

Fastrak online payment

To pay this way you need to visit,

Here, upon login you can pay the payment. You can take note from the above-mentioned points.

License plate payment


On this page, you need to log in with your, valid email address, credit card, license plate information.

One-time payment

To pay this way visit,

Here on the page, you need to log into your account and pay the toll.

Toll invoice payment

For the invoice payment, visit, .

  • On the directed page type

  • Invoice number

  • License plate

  • License State


FasTrak Invoice


  • Specify you are Fastrak license plate account holder and click on, ‘Look up invoice’.

  • Follow the prompts and you will be able to pay the toll.

Contact details

For any kind of help, you can call at the toll-free number- 1-877-229-8655

Outside USA- +1-415-486-8655.

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