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Pay Your Optimum Bill

Optimum provides TV, phone and internet services in the United States, and it is a very well-known company in America. The company provides all the best channels and services to their consumers, and their goal is to fo all the best work for their customers all over the U.S.

Plans and packages

To know about the plans and packages you must venture to, www.optimum.net. Here on the page you will get the menu panel and click on various options such as TV, Internet, phone and smart home. In every drop-down, you will get suitable options, for TV, on demand, TV app, pay per view, and so on. For internet, WiFi hotspots, internet protection. There are no exact packages mentioned but you will get all the advantages lined up for you by Optimum.

To pay the bill of Optimum online, then you have to log in to your account. However, before that, you must create an account for it.

Create an account

  • To create an account go to www.optimum.net
  • Here at the top right of the page click on ‘Sign in’.
  • Reaching the exact page at the right side click on ‘Create an Optimum ID’.


Sign In to Manage Your Services Optimum


  • On the directed page, you must type your
  • Account number
  • Last name
  • The phone number you entered in the account and click on ‘Continue’.

Create an Optimum ID


Do follow the prompts afterward and you will be able to create the account. Now you have to log in to your account to pay the bill.

Logging in to your Optimum account

  • You have to visit the same page www.optimum.net
  • Here at the top right clicking on ‘Sign in’ will guide you to the next page.
  • Enter your Optimum ID and the confirmed password then press on the ‘Sign in to Optimum.net’ button.


Sign In


  • You will be logged in to your account this way and can pay the bill too.

Forgot username or password

In any case, if you have lost your Optimum ID or password then you must visit https://www.optimum.net/. Here in the ‘Sign in’ page click on ‘I forgot my Optimum ID’. You can choose your registered email address, TXT ID to receive the Optimum ID, and if you don’t have both of the same you can select ‘I don’t have access to either of these’ and press on ‘Continue’. Here enter your account number, last name, phone number on the account and click on ‘Continue’. For password click on ‘I forgot my password’ on the adjacent page enter your Optimum ID, enter the validation code and hit on ‘Continue’. For both cases follow the detailed prompts and you will get back all the information.


Reset Your Optimum Password Optimum


Benefits of Optimum online account

Get extra services and benefits

Pay bill online

Get paperless bills

Manage your account.

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Bill payment

There are 5 ways to pay the bill of Optimum.

Online payment

You can log in to your account and pay the bill but for that check the above-mentioned points first.

Payment via mail

It depends where you stay for that you have to visit, https://www.optimum.net/. Here at the top menu go to ‘Pay bill’. In the drop-down click on ‘Pay by mail’. Here note down the address Optimum. P.O. Box 742698. Cincinnati, OH, 45274-2698.

Payment via phone

To pay this way you must call at the number- 866-213-7456.

Pay in person

To pay in person visit the homepage www.optimum.net

Go to the ‘Pay bill’ option from the menu and choose ‘Pay in person’.

Here you have to type the name of your place and this way you will find the nearest payment location.

Contact details

To know more about the services and bill payment you can contact at the toll-free number- 1-866-218-3259.

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