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Loans Payment

Pay The Cornerstone Education Loan

Cornerstone education loan is under the non-profit department of Education service and the agency is providing loans for 35 years.

To know about the rates of Cornerstone education loans or to apply for the same, you have to contact 1-800-663-1662. If you want to know about loan rebates then you have to visit

Apply for the education loan from Cornerstone

To apply to get detail information you can contact at, 800.663.1662

Monday to Thursday 6 AM to 7 PM. Friday 6 AM -to 5 PM.

If your application gets approved then you have to create an account first and then signing in you can pay the loan online and get other benefits too.

Create an account

  • To create an account you have to visit

  • Here on the top of the page click on ‘Create account’

  • On the next very page, you have to type your

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Date of birth

  • Account number or your social security number

  • Confirm the same

  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Continue’.


Create an Account Step 1 of 5 Provide Information

  • Do follow the later instructions and you will be able to create an account.

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Logging in to your account


Sign In or Create an Account


  • Here enter your username, and the confirmed password then, click on ‘Sign in’ to log in.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost your Cornerstone login details then visit the same page and here in the sign in page click on ‘Having trouble signing in to your account?’. For username press ‘Continue’ and type your account or social security number, last name, date of birth and click on ‘Continue’. For password, input your account or social security number, last name, date of birth and press on ‘Continue’. Follow the alter details and you will get back all the details.

Benefits of Cornerstone online account

  • Get to pay online

  • Set up auto pay

  • Manage your account

Student loan payment

There are 7 ways you can pay the education loan of Cornerstone, online payment, auto payment, pay by mail, pay by phone, payment application, interest only payment, payoff. To avail, these options visit For payoff option though, visit,

Cornerstone Loan Payoff

Online payment

To pay online you have to create an account and pay the loan upon logging in to your account. To know about the process you can take note from the above-mentioned points.

Auto payment

For this, you have to log in to your account and then you can sign up for the auto-pay option.

Pay by mail

You can send the payment at, Corner Stone Education Loan Services, P.O. Box 105189, Atlanta, GA 30348-5189.

Payment via phone

To pay this way you have to call on, 1-800-663-1662.

Payment application

You can make a payment application if you pay within 120 days of the disbursement date.

Interest only payment

You can reduce the payment of loan and pay this way. You can avail this method if you are still in school.


You can pay off the loan in threes ways, online, by check, check or money order.

You have to visit the link mentioned earlier.

  • Online payoff

Log in to your account and you have to click on ‘Loan payoff’ under ‘Payments & billing’.

Upon entering the required information press on ‘Make a payoff payment’.

  • Via checkanathor word

You can payoff via check or you can contact 1-800-663-1662 Monday to Thursday 6 AM to 7 PM or Friday 6 AM to 5 PM.

  • Money order

You can call, 1-800-663-1662 or send the money order for the payoff at, U.S. Department of Education

Corner Stone Education Loan Services

P.O. Box 105189

Atlanta, GA 30348-5189.

Contact details

For any assistance, you can call at, 1-800-663-1662.

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