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Fees & Fines
LA Court

Pay The Los Angeles County Traffic Ticket

The Los Angeles court handles traffic violations and the citation of the ticket is done by the law enforcement officer. Tickets are issued for traffic violations and non-traffic offenses as well.

Traffic fees of Los Angeles County traffic

To know about the traffic fees, then you need to visit, Here on the landing page scroll down and you will get ‘Traffic fees’ option in ‘Blue’ and you have to press on it.

Traffic Division LA Court

On the next page, click on, ‘Traffic fee table’ and you will get a pdf page which will contain the list of fees.

Online services of Los Angeles traffic violation

This very thing can be done by a look at the driver license and by the ticket number.

For this part, you need to visit,

Here you can find ‘Find your ticket by driver’s license’ and you can press on, ‘Access now’

The second is, ‘Find your ticket by ticket number’ and press on ‘Access now’.

Case Summary Appellate Division LA Court

Pay the Los Angeles County traffic ticket

To pay this you will get 5 ways. As mentioned above you will get to by license number, and ticket number, by phone, in person, by mail. For the online license part, you can visit, For the ticket number,

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Online license plate payment

  • For this, you need to type

  • Driver license number

  • Mention the state

  • Date of birth and click on ‘Search’.

Traffic Online Services

Online ticket number payment

  • To pay by the ticket number you have to select

  • The location of the court

  • Select the particular law enforcement agency

  • Type the ticket number

  • Date of birth and press on, ‘Search’.

By mail

For this part, you need to visit, From here you will get the mailing address. You can check the ticket and get the address from there too.

By phone

You need to visit,

From here you will get the phone number.

In person payment

You need to visit the courthouse mentioned in your ticket and pay the fees.

Contact details

For any query, you can call at the general phone number of the Los Angeles County traffic, (213) 974-3211.

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