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Pay Your Gerber Life Insurance Premium

Gerber life insurance was founded in 1967, and its headquarter in, White Plains, New York, United States. The company is a subsidiary of, Nestle, Fermont, and works under its parent organization, Gerber Products Company. Gerber has 500 employees.

The types of life insurance

Here from Gerber, you will get adult life protection, and child life insurance too.

For adult life insurance you will get,

  • Term life insurance

  • Whole life insurance

  • Guaranteed life insurance

  • Accident protection insurance

For child life insurance

  • Here you will get grow up plan

  • The college plan.

Get a quote

  • To avail a quote you need to visit, www.gerberlife.com

  • Here on the page choose the life insurance from the menu panel and in the next page enter your,

  • State

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Email
  • Specify if you used tobacco


Life Insurance Quotes Online for Adults


  • Your email address and click on ‘Get Rates’.

File a claim

  • To file a claim you need to visit www.gerberlife.com

  • On the landing page go to the ‘Customer service’ from the menu panel and in the drop-down press on, ‘File a claim’.


Gerber Life Claim Reporting Information


  • To claim you need to call on, 1-800-628-0560

  • 8 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday

  • 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday. Otherwise, you have to get ready with, the life insurance claim, forms, and other details and then send it to, Gerber Life Insurance Company

Life Claims Processing Unit

445 State Street

Fremont, MI 49412.

To pay the insurance you need to enroll with an account and then after login, you can have the task.

Enroll with an online account

  • To enroll you need to go to www.gerberlife.com

  • Here on the exact page scroll down and press on ‘Or enroll now’.

  • On the directed page type your

  • Policy number

  • Insured date of birth

  • Email address

  • Confirm the same

  • Billing zip code

  • User ID

  • Password

  • Confirm password


Gerber Life eService Enrollment


  • Then agree to the terms and conditions and click on, ‘Continue’.

  • Do follow the later prompts and you will be able to enroll.

Logging into your account

  • To log in you must visit www.gerberlife.com On the landing page scroll down and here type your, username and the confirmed password then press on, ‘Login’.


Family Life Insurance PoliciesLogin


Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login credentials of Gerber then you have to visit the same page and you have to scroll down and click on, ‘Forgot username?’. Here type your email address, policy number and press on, ‘Send email. For password, hit on, ‘Forgot password?’, on the next page type your, user ID and click on, ‘Send email’. Do follow the later instruction and you will get the information.

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Features of Gerber life insurance

  • Coverage plan from $50,000 to $3000,000

  • Simple application process

  • Get accident protection up to, $1000,000.

  • Flexibility in insurance payment.

Benefits of Gerber life insurance

  • Pay the bill and view payment history Online

  • Update contact information 

  • View policy documents

  • Get to change beneficiaries

Insurance payment

There are 5 ways to pay the insurance of Gerber life insurance, online, eservice, automatic, by mail, by phone. To pay the bills online you need to visit, www.gerberlife.com/gl/view/service_center/self_service/login

Customer Login Portal Gerber Life Insurance

Online payment

You can pay the insurance by logging in to your account and you can take note from the above-mentioned tips.


To avail this you need to log in to your account and you can pay by check, from your savings account.

Automatic payment

For this you need to, add your bank account, and the payment will be deducted per month.

Pay by mail

You can send the payment at, Gerber Life Insurance Co., 445 State Street, Fremont, MI 49412.

Payment by phone

To pay via phone you need to call at, 800-704-2180.

Contact details

For any kind of assistance, you need to contact at the toll-free number- 1-800-704-2180

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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