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DP&L was founded in 1911 and they are a well-known company that has been serving the Miami Valley for 100 years. Its headquarter is in Dayton, Ohio. The concern has 154 subsidiaries of their own.

Rates and Tariffs

The regulated tariffs in Ohio are fair and affordable for the consumers. You can always use the rate number from your bill, and this way you will get to know the tariffs that apply with your bill. To check the same you have to visit, www.dpandl.com, here on the menu panel you have to press on the ‘My Account’ option. Here you have to click on the ‘Understand your bill’ button.

Dayton Power & Light bill understand

Here on the directed page, you have to click on the ‘Using tariffs’ button on the left side list. From this, you have to click on the ‘Customer tariffs’. On the next page, you will get to know about the tariffs is detail.

If you are a service holder you can always pay online. This very thing can be done by logging into your account. However, if you are not registered yet, you have to do that first.

Register for DP&L account

  • To register, you have to visit www.dpandl.com

  • Hereunder the Account Sign In option you will get the log in box. Here press on the ‘Create online Account’ button.

Dayton Power & Light register

  • The page you will be directed here you have to input your account number, billing zip code, and enter the security code and press on the ‘Next’ button.

  • Following the details, you will be registered easily.

After you register with the account, you have to log into your account to pay your online bill.

Logging in to the DP&L account

  • For this, you have to go to the site, www.dpandl.com

  • On the taken page you under the menu panel enter your username and the confirmed password and after filling the details, press on the ‘Sign in’ button.

Dayton Power & Light login

  • In this way, you will be logged in and pay your bill.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost your login details, you have to visit, https://www.dpandl.com/, here you have to click on the ‘Forgot username?’. In the next page, you have to enter your registered email address and press on the ‘Send’ button. For password, you have to press on the ‘Forgot password?’ button. Here you have to input your registered username and your registered email address. After that hit on the ‘Send’ button. Following the detailed prompts, you will get your details back.

Benefits of DP&L

  • Get rapid rewards this will get you to cashback on energy efficiency products and on the upgrades.

  • Manage your account

  • Pay the bills online.

Other payment methods

There are 4 other payment options for your convenience.

Payment via credit or debit card

You can make a one-time payment by cards. This will apply $1.95. You just have to sign in with KUBRAEZ-PAY and pay your bill.

Payment via mail

Send your payment with all the details of the same too,

Dayton Power & Light Bill Payments, P.O. Box 740598, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0598.

Payment via phone

Pay your bill by calling in the toll-free number- 866-305-3095.

In-person payment

For this, you have to pay a fee of, $1.50, and you have to visit, www.dpandl.com/pay-in-person Here you have to enter your zip code and you will be able to find out your nearest location.

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Contact details

If you face any issue you can always contact the customer service at- 866-305-3095 for business and for a residential call – 800-433-8500.

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