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Register And Pay Your Atmos Energy Bill

Atmos energy corporation has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas, and it is one of the largest distributors of natural gas. It provides its services to 1,400 communities, and in the nine states from Blue Ridge mountains to the Rocky Mountains in the far west.

Rates and tariffs

As you know that Atmos energy provides its services to a huge area, it also has some of the best rates and plans for its consumers. As natural gas is highly important for cooking and so many other works, it is in high demand, thus the company also generated the affordable rates. To check on the rates you have to visit www.atmosenergy.com

Here at the bottom of the page, you will find a menu and you have to press on the ‘Utility operation’ option. Here you will find out that Atmos serves to Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississipi, Virginia, and some other places.

To get tariffs and rate you have to select your state first, and you will be presented with rates and new information as well. This is the easiest way to check the same in every serviced area.

If you are a service holder of Atmos energy you have to know that you can pay your bill online. If you are not a consumer and you are interested in avail the service you can always apply for one. Heres how:

Get Atmos service


  • Here you will find a white box just under the menu and on the right side of the box, you have to click on the ‘Get service’ button.


  • The page you will be directed here you have to input your

  • House number

  • Street name

  • Apartment number

  • City

  • State

  • Zip code. You also have to input your street address here. After filling up the required details you have to press on the ‘Submit’ button.

Do follow the detailed prompts after that and you will be able to grab the services of Atmos. In case you want to pay online you have to log into your account first and for that, you have to be a registered customer.

Register for Atmos energy


  • On the exact page, you have to input your account number, select if it’s a commercial account or not, your first and last name and press on the ‘Continue button.

  • Check the after details and you will be able to register easily.

The registration process is the first gate to avail the login. So you have to log in to your online account to pay the bill.

Logging in to your account


  • After logging in you will be able to pay your Atmos energy bill.

There is another way of payment where you can pay with your account number.

One time payment


  • On the page you will be directed here you have to enter your account number, check if it’s a commercial account or not, and your last name.

  • Thus, you have to press on the ‘Validate’ option.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost your login credentials you have to visit the same page and press on the ‘forgot username or password?’ button. For username enter your account number and hit on the ‘Continue’ button. For password enter your username and press on the ‘Submit’ button. This will help you reset your forgotten details.

Benefits of Atmos energy

  • Pay your bill online

  • Get natural gas safety

  • You can manage energy at home

  • Get appliance rebates

  • Avail low-income programs

  • Save more in business.

Other payment types

There are three more ways you can pay your Atmos energy bill.

Payment via mail

Send your payment with all the details too, Atmos Energy, P.O. Box 790311, St. Louis, MO 63179-0311.

Payment via phone

You can pay your bills by calling as well. You have to call on the toll-free number- 1-888-286-6700.

Payment in person

  • You can also pay in person.

  • Street number

  • Street name

  • City

  • State

  • Zipcode

  • Mention the miles

And press on the ‘Search’ button. It will help you find the nearest payment place.

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Contact details

If you need any assistance you can always contact the customer service in the toll-free number: 88-286-6700.

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