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SECO was founded in 1048 and its headquarter is in Sumterville, Florida, the U.S. The company serves 200,00 consumers of central Florida and across the seven counties as well. This is the third largest company to serve energy in Florida and all together they provide energy to 1.6 million consumers.

Rates and tariffs

To know about the rates and tariffs of SECO you must visit, www.secoenergy.com. Here from the menu panel, you can select the ‘Energy solutions’ and in the drop-down click on, ‘energy estimator’ here on the directed page you will understand the rates and tariffs easily.

Energy Estimator – SECO Energy

If you want to pay the SECO bill online, you must log in to your account and for that, you need to register first. Heres how.

Register for your SECO account

  • To avail, this step visit www.secoenergy.com

  • Here at the top of the page at the right side click on ‘Login’.

  • You will be directed to the next page and here press on the ‘Sign up to access our self service site’.

  • On the directed page, you have to enter

  • Billing account number

  • Last name or business

  • Email address


SmartHub Registration


  • Confirm email address and press on the ‘Submit’ button.

Following the later prompts will let you sign up with an account. After the registration process is over you must log in to your account to pay SECO bill.

Logging in to your account

  • Here at the top right of the page clicking on the ‘Login’ will take you to the next pages.


SmartHub Login


  • On the exact page type your registered email address and the confirmed password and then pressing on ‘Logi’ will let you log in to your account and pay the bill as well.

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Forgot username or password

If you face any trouble in signing in to your account of SECO, you can always click on the same page and here in the login page press on, ‘Can’t access your account’. For password type your account number, last name or business, the registered email address and click on ‘Submit’. For email, input your account number, last name or business and press on, ‘Submit’. Follow the detailed prompts afterward and it will get back all the details.

Benefits of SECO

  • You can report an outage

  • Manage your profile

  • Pay bill online

  • Get to start a new service

Bill payment

You will get 4 methods to pay your SECO bill.

Online payment

For this part, you must log in to your account, and pay the bill. Check the above-mentioned points and you will understand the entire process.

Payment via mail

You can send your payment with all the details, at- SECO Energy, Dept #3035, P.O. Box 850001, Orlando, FL 32885-3035.

Payment via phone

For this, you can call at the toll-free number- 877-371-9382.

In person

Pay your bill at free at a SECO office, or you can pay for a $1.50 charge at the Fidelity Express or in MoneyGram locations.

Contact details

For any issue or assistance contact SECO at the toll-free number- (800) 732-6141.

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