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Reliant energy is one of the largest energy provider in Texas, United States. Its headquarter is in Houston, Texas. The company provides its services to over 1.5 million Texas residents and business consumers. Reliant energy was founded in 2000 and its parent organization is NRG energy.

Rates and plans

To know more about the rates of Reliant energy you must go to, www.reliant.com.

Here under the menu panel click on ‘Find your plan’ button inside a green box. If you are a new customer you have to input your street address, apt or unit number and zip code, after that press on, ‘View plans’. If you are already an old customer and looking for a convenient plan, you have to choose the thing you want to do, and enter your registered username and password. Upon entering the details press on ‘Log in’. This way you will get to know the rate details.

Electricity Plans in Texas Reliant Energy

To know rates and pay the bill online you must log in to your account. However, before that, you must register for an account. Heres how.

Register for an online account

  • To avail this part you must visit  www.reliant.com

  • Here at the top right of the page press on ‘Make payment’ option.

  • On the directed place clicking on ‘Register now’ will take you to the next page.


Register Your Account


  • Here if you have an account number enter the same and hit on ‘Look up account’.

  • If you don’t have an account number then you have to select whether you’re are a business or residential customer.

  • Then input your last name on the account, street number of the service address, date of birth and click on ‘Lookup account’.


Dont Have Account No


Following the prompts afterward will let you register with an account and then you have to log in to pay your Reliant energy bill.

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Logging in to your account


Log In My Reliant Reliant Energy


  • Here at the top right corner press on ‘Make payment’ and in the next page enter a username or email address, and the confirmed password. Then upon pressing on, ‘Log in’ you will be logged in and can pay the bill as well.

Forgot username or password

If you, in any case, have lost the login credentials of Reliant energy, you must go to the same page, and hereafter pressing on the ‘Make payment’ option click ‘Forgot your username or password?’. For username type your registered email address and hit on ‘Send my username’. In case of a password, enter your username and then click on ‘Continue’. After this do follow the prompts for both cases and you will get the information back.

Benefits of Reliant energy

  • Pay bills online

  • Manage your account

  • View usage and bill.

Bill payment

There are 5 ways you can pay the bill of Reliant energy.

Online payment

In this way you must log in to your account and pay the bill. Take note of the above-mentioned points for this.

Quick payment

This way you don’t have to log in and you can pay very easily. To avail that visit,www.reliant.com. Here under the menu panel option, ‘My reliant’ press on ‘Make payment’. You will get the ‘Quick payment’ option on the right side and click on it.

Reliant Quick Pay

On the next page enter your Reliant account number, billing zip code and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Payment via mail

Send your payment with all the details at, Reliant, P.O. Box 650475, Dallas, TX 75265-0475.

Payment via phone

To avail payment via phone, you have to contact- 713-207-7243.

Payment in person

To get this method go to the home page and here under the ‘Customer care’ section press on the ‘Billing & payments’. Here you will get them in person option and you have to input your address, city and zip code then pressing on ‘Search’ will get you the address of nearby payment locations.

Contact details

For any issue or assistance, you can contact the toll-free number- 1-866-222-7100.

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