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Pay PerYourHealth works under Change healthcare and provides consumers, payers, and healthcare. The company ensures that every patient gets access, and avails the best care, and it lets them manage their payments. The payment solution here is influenced by perfect accuracy and also transition to payment that is based on value. Consumers get solutions through digital tools and convenient information with services.

Register for PerYourHealth

To register you will get the information from your medical bill, and then you will be able to finish the task with your registration ID. If you are not first-time bill payer then you can directly go to the logging in.

Logging into PerYourHealth


  • Here on the page, you have to type the account number in your billing document or the registered user ID and then click on, ‘Continue’.

  • After that, you will get another page, where you have to fill in the password and press on ‘Submit’.

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Forgot username or password

If you have forgotten the password of PerYourHealth then you need to visit the same page and hit on, ‘Forgot your registered user ID’. Here in the next page, type the account number and click on, ‘Continue’. After this input, you will get an email on the registered email address and you will be able to reset the details.

Pay the bill of PerYourHealth

  • To pay the bill you need a secure internet connection and then you need to visit, www.peryourhealth.com.

  • Here you will need your login ID and if you are not registered then you have to do that first with the help of the medical documents you have.

  • At the time of typing the details, you need to input your valid email address, and then choose the payment option.

  • You will have net banking, credit or debit card options to select from.

  • You have to type the details for payment for the chosen payment option and proceed with the process.

  • After you have paid the bill, you will get a confirmation via email.

Pay bill via phone

  • You can pay the PerYourHealth bill by your mobile phone too, and for that, you need to call at the toll-free number- 888-442-8447.

  • Otherwise, you can go to the login page and here upon entering the ID you can make payment by debit or credit cards.

  • After the payment is successfully done, you will get an SMS confirmation.

Benefits of PerYourHealth

  • You can pay all types of medical bills from any part of the world and that can be any time because the portals are open 24/7.

  • After logging in, you can check the due balance.

  • You will get all the notification on billing

  • The payment procedure is fast and highly secure.

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