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Register And Pay Your Oklahoma Electric Coorperative Bill

Oklahoma electric cooperative or OEC was founded in 1937 and its headquarter is in, Norman, Oklahoma, U.S. The company provides safe and reliable energy to Oklahoma consumers.

Rates and tariffs

As you know OEC provides electricity to consumers in Oklahoma, they also have a very convenient rate schedule. To know more about it, you can visit, www.okcoop.org . On the landing page go to the menu and here under ‘My account’ tag you will get the ‘Rates’ option. Here you will get the rates and you will get a list of the ways you can save money as well.

Sample Bill Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

If you want to pay your OEC bill, you must log in to your account first, but to avail that you have to register with an account.

Register for OEC

  • To get with the steps view www.okcoop.org 

  • Here go to the ‘My account’ option on the menu panel and in the drop-down clicking on ‘Pay my bill’ will take you to the login page.

  • On the directed page you will get a box and at the bottom of the box you have to press on the ’sign up to access our self-service site’.

  • Here on the next page enter your,

  • Billing account number

  • Last name or business

  • Email address


Oklahoma Registration


  • Confirm email address and press on ‘Submit’.

After you fill up the details, you will have to follow the details and registration will be complete. Then you must log in to your account to pay your bill online.

Logging in to your OEC account

  • For this, you must visit www.okcoop.org

  • Here under the ‘My Account’ menu option, press on the ‘Pay my bill’ button.

  • You will be directed to the login page.

  • On this page enter your registered email address, confirmed password, and press on ‘Login’.




  • You will be logged in and can pay your bill.

Forgot username or password

If in any case, you have lost your OEC login credentials, you must visit the same site and after going to ‘My account’ and from there to ‘Pay my bill’ page, click on the ‘Can’t access your account’ button. On the page, you will be entering some details for a forgotten password. Here input your account number, last name or business, email address and click on, ‘Submit’. For email address, in the same page press on, ‘Forgot your registered email address’. Here input your account number and the last name or business. Following the prompts afterward will get you the information back.

Benefits of OEC

  • Get rebates on EnergyStar rated products

  • Get rebates on new appliances

  • Manage your online account

  • Pay bill online and schedule payment as well

  • Get access to a computer, mobile, and tablets.

Bill payment

You will get 5 ways of bill payment.

Online payment

To pay your OEC bill online, you have to log in to your registered account. Check the above-mentioned points on the same and you will get help in paying the bill online.

Pay without log in

  • For this visit www.okcoop.org 

  • Here at the top right click on ‘Pay without logging-in’.

  • On the directed page enter your account number, last name or business name and press on ‘Submit’.


Pay Now Application Login


  • Follow the details later and you will be able to pay your bill.


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Payment via mail

You can send your payment at, OEC, P.O. Box 5481, Norman OK 73070-5481.

Payment via phone

Call on the toll-free number- 877-306-9267 and you will be able to pay your bill.

In person payment

Visit www.paysitekiosklocator.com , here enter your zip code and the mile, you will get the address of nearest payment center.


Contact details

For any assistance from OEC, call- 405-321-2024. Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

Fax: 405-217-6900.

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