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Pay The New York City Parking Ticket

New York city parking ticket is handled by the department of finance and it operates the collecting and the payment procedure as well. Camera violations are mostly regarded here and this happens when a vehicle go through the red light or stands at bus lane. You need to respond to the parking tickets or the camera citations and this has to be within, 30 days, even if you are not guilty.

Payment plans of NYC parking tickets


Parking Ticket Services


  • Here at the left side click on, ‘Payment plans’.

  • From here you will get all the plans and the down payment and you can go for the application forms.


Payment Plans


  • If you have anything to pay that is more than $10,000, you can apply for the form of, ‘Parking credit application’.

  • You will get the pdf form on this and you have to get a print out to and fill it up.

Pay for parking tickets in NYC


Parking Ticket


  • On the next place, you need to add the violation number or the plate number

  • Mention the state, state the type and click on, ‘Next’.


NYC Online Parking Payments


Check parking ticket status of NYC


Parking Ticket Status


  • On the exact page, at the right side click on, ‘parking ticket status’.

  • Here type the violation number


PVO Check Status


  • Check the validation box and press on, ‘Search’.

Print the copy of NYC parking ticket


Parking Ticket Print


  • Here at the right side press on, ‘Print a copy of ticket’.

  • On the next page, type the violation number

  • Check the validation box

  • Or you can search by plate number

  • Mention the state


PVO Search


  • State the type and click on, ‘Search’.

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Pay the NYC parking ticket

To pay the parking ticket you will have 3 options, online payment, by mail, in person payment. To pay online you can visit, www.secure24.ipayment.com/NYCPayments/nycbookmark

Online payment

You need to fill up the asked information and for the process, you can take note from the above-mentioned points.

NYC Online Parking Payments

Pay by mail

For parking ticket you can send the payment to, NYC Department of Finance, Church Street Station, P.O. Box 3640, New York, NY 10008-3640. For red area or bus camera violations, you need to send the payment to, Red Light/Bus Lane Camera Violations, Church Street Station, PO Box 3641, New York, NY 10008-3641.

Pay in person

To pay in person you can visit, www.nyc.gov/parkingservices

Pay In Person

Here you will get the nearby address.

Contact details

For any assistance you can contact, 212-504-4115 or you can text at, 311-692.

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