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Pay For Missed Tolls In New Jersy

If you have missed a toll in New Jersy you will have to pay an administrative fee of, $50 and the cameras capture the license plate and sends the bill to the registered vehicle owner. If you want to skip paying the toll you need to contact the state authority and give them the information about the missed toll.

To pay the missed toll of New Jersy you need to sign up with the E-ZPASS and that can be done by visiting,

Sign up for E-ZPASS

  • Here in the menu panel at the right side click on, ‘Sign up’.

  • For an individual account you need to click to the terms and condition of the individual account and then you can click on ‘Enroll online’ or you can download the form of application as well.

  • Thus, for the online one you need to type,

  • Title

  • Suffix

  • Contact name

  • Mailing address

  • Zip code

  • Email address

  • Retype email address

  • Cell phone number

  • Landline or alternate phone number

  • Specify the way you would like the statement to be delivered to you

  • Username

  • Password

  • Retype password

  • Set a security question

  • Answer the security question


E ZPass SignUp


  • The 4 digit PIN and click on, ‘Next tags & vehicles’.

  • Follow the later prompts and you will be able to sign up.

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To register with the E-ZPASS account

  • To register to go to

  • Here in the ‘Log in/ Register’ click on ‘Register your online account’.

  • On the next page, type your

  • Account number or tag number


E ZPass New Jersey Register


  • Zip code and press on, ‘Submit’.

Logging into your E-ZPASS account

  • To log in, visit

  • On the landing page click on, ‘Log in/ Register’.


E ZPass Login

  • If you already have an account then you need to log in here.

  • Here type your username, account number, or the tag number and the confirmed password, type the security message and click on, ‘Log in’.

Forgot username or password

If you have forgotten your login details then you must visit the same page and here click on the ‘Log in/register’. In the box hit on, ‘Forgot your password or username’. For password type the username, zip code and click on, ‘Submit’. In case of username, type your account number, or tag number, zip code, and press on, ‘Submit’. Do follow the after prompts and you will be able to get back the details.

Toll payment

There are 4 ways you can avail the payment of the toll, online payment, by mail, by phone, in person. For the online one, you can visit,

Online payment for New Jersy tolls

  • To pay online you need to enter your

  • violation number

  • License plate

  • Or you can input the

  • payment plan


E ZPass New Jersey


  • Email address and click on, ‘View violation’ and then afterwards you can pay the toll.

By mail

To pay by mail you need to send the payment to, E-ZPass Violations Processing Center, P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650.

By phone

To pay the toll by phone, you need to call at the toll-free number- 1-973-368-1425.

In person

For this visit, From here you will get the address of toll payment.

Contact details

For any assistance, you can call at the toll-free number- 1-888-288-6865

Fax: 1-973-368-1505.

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