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CSpire or Cellular South Inc was founded in 1988 and its headquarter is in Ridgeland, Mississippi, the U.S. The company is the sixth largest provider of wireless services in the States. Which includes telecom and internet. C Spire has a parent organization named Telapex.

Plans and packages

To know about the lucrative packages you must visit www.cspire.com . Here click on ‘Wireless’ and you will get the plans attached to it like, Simple unlimited for $30 per month, prepaid unlimited for $50 per month. Check out these plans and choose the one suits you the best.

C Spire Wireless

To pay the bill of C Spire you must log in to your account and before that create an account first. Heres how.

Create an account

  • To avail, this part has to visit  www.cspire.com 

  • Here at the top right corner click on ‘Sign in’.

  • On the direct page click on ‘Register’.


Register In C Spire


  • On the next place enter your mobile number and press on the ‘Register’ button.

Follow the details after it and you will be able to register with an account. After this, you must log in to your account and pay the bill.

Logging into your account

  • For this visit  www.cspire.com  

  • Here at the top right corner clicking on ‘Sign in’ will take you to the login page.


Sign In to Your C Spire Account


  • Here on the place enter your username and the set password then pressing on the ‘Sign in’ button you will be logged in.

Forgot username or password

It can happen that you have forgotten your login credentials for C Spire. In this case, you have to visit the same page and going to the login page click on ‘Forgot your username or password?’. On the directed page enter your registered email address, registered mobile number, choose the place you want your username, the two options are email and text message. After this click on ‘Recover username’. In case of a password, enter your username and select the place you want the password, text message or email then hit on ‘Recover password’. Follow the details afterward, and you will get all the information back.

C Spire Forgot

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Benefits of C Spire

  • Pay your bill online

  • Get to solve all issues with your wireless device

  • You can upgrade your service

  • Manage your account

  • You can get access to your account from every device of your own.

Bill payment

You will get 5 ways to pay your bill.

Online payment

To get this way, you must log in to your account and for that take note of the above-mentioned points.

Pay without logging in

  • To avail, this method visit  www.prodapi.cspire.com/SAML2/SSO/Redirect

  • Here at the sign in on the right side click, ‘Pay your wireless or home service bill’.

  • On the directed page enter your mobile number and account number and if you are a prepaid customer then enter your account PIN and hit on ‘Continue’.


Make a Payment Express Pay C Spire Wireless


  • Do follow the prompts and you will be able to pay the bill.

Payment via mail

Send your payment at, C Spire, P.O. Box 519, Meadville, MS 39653.

Payment via phone

To pay this way you have to call, #729 or #PAY from your C Spire phone. You can also call 611 or 855-277-4735.

Payment in person

You can pay at any C Spire store near you.

C Spire Wireless Contact details

For any assistance from C Spire, you can contact on the toll-free number- 1-855-438-1009 (24/7).

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