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Apply And Pay For Bowflex Credit Card

Bowflex is a brand for fitness equipment and it works under its parent company, Nautilus. Bowflex has its headquarter in Vancouver, Washington and the credit card from here are issued by Synchrony bank.

Benefits of Bowflex Credit Card

  • Get zero down financing,

  • No annual fee has to pay

  • Get low monthly installments

  • You will get a secure online application process

Rates and fees of Bowflex Credit Card

  • APR is 29.99%

  • The purchase intro is 29.99%

  • The interest rate $2

Eligibility criteria for Bowflex Credit Card

  • Your age has to be at least 18 years

  • Have to be a U.S. resident residing in the United States

  • Have to have a U.S. Social Security Number

Apply for Bowflex Credit Card

To apply for the Bowflex credit card you have to call on the Synchrony bank, (866) 396-8254. Or you can call Bowflex at, (800) 605-3369.

Register for Bowflex Credit Card

To register you need to visit, www.mysynchrony.com On this page just at the right upper side, you will get the ‘Your Account’ button, you will get the ‘Register’ option.


you will get the Comenity capital bank page at the bottom in green.

On the next page, you have to type,

  • Account Number

  • Last Four Digits of SSN

  • Date of Birth

  • Then at the left bottom side, ‘Continue’ click on it.

Do follow the prompts after that, and you will be able to register.

Note: Currently, MySynchrony is closed for some technical malfunctions, but this is the way you can register and login for the online account.

Logging in to the Bowflex Credit Card

To log in you need to visit, www.mysynchrony.com

You will be taken to the Synchrony bank page.

  • On this page just at the right upper side, you will get the ‘Your Account’ button.


  • In this page at the right side, you will get the blanks for username, and the confirmed password. After inputting the details click on, ‘Secure login’.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login details of Bowflex, then you need to go to the same page login box, here, under the login blanks at the left bottom side you will get the option for, ‘Find user name’. On the directed page, you need to enter,

  • Account Number

  • Last Four Digits of SSN

  • Date of Birth

  • Then at the left bottom side, ‘Continue’ click on it.

For the password, ‘Reset password’ just at the right side of the user name retrieving option, press on it.

Here you need to enter

  • Username

  • Last Four Digits of SSN

  • Date of Birth

  • Then at the left bottom side, ‘Continue’ click on it.

Follow the later prompts and this way you will get the login details back.

Benefits of the online account

  • Get to track your orders

  • Get to create and manage Wish Lists

  • Get to manage communication preferences

  • Avail faster checkout with saved payment with shipping info

Pros and cons of Bowflex Credit Card


  • Get special Financing Offers

  • No Annual Fee have to pay from your side


  • 29.99% Interest APR

Bill payment of Bowflex Credit Card

There are 7 ways to pay the bill of Bowflex, online payment, by mail, by phone, pay without log in, auto-pay, one-time payment, make payment. The credit card payment can be made from Comenity capital bank. So to make payments you have to venture to, www.mysynchrony.com


Here on the landing page, you need to look at the right side and you will get ‘Your account’ button in white, then click ‘Pay Without Login’ then follow the process.

Online payment

You have to pay the bill by logging into your online account. At the time you log in to your account online you can make payments from any device that is secure, and free. You can easily schedule one time payments or recurring monthly payments to your registered account. You have to pay at least the minimum payment due stated in your monthly bill.

By mail

You can send a cheque to,

Big Sandy Credit Card, P.O. Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061

By phone

If you want to make payment through phone then you have to call on, 1-866-419-4096.

Pay without log in

To know about this, you can download this pdf, www.paywithoutlogin.com/documents

Then you will get to know about this method. This is a simple, fast, secure way to make same-day Synchrony Financial card payments online. This can be done without logging in or having to remember another password. Use it with any connected device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. You just have to register, then enable and you are good to go.


  • You have to start from the Home Page, then select the Autopay-Off link located just below the Make Payment button.

  • Now you have to click the Enroll in Autopay button

  • Then select the payment amount and the payment source

  • You have to agree to the Terms and then Confirm Autopay

  • You can review your Autopay settings and Submit. You will get to see a confirmation screen displaying your Autopay settings with a confirmation number.

One-time payment

  • You need to log in and then click on the Make Payment button

  • Then select the payment amount, date and payment source

  • An after that click Submit Payment for Review

  • You can review your payment and click Submit

  • Now you have to look for a confirmation email from Synchrony Bank.

Also, if you want to make this same day payment, then you have to do it until, at 11:59 p.m.

Make payment

Here on the page, you have to type,

  • Card Number

  • Last 4 of SSN

  • Zip Code

  • Check the validation code and click on the bottom middle side, ‘Continue’.

Do follow the later prompts and you will be able to make payment.

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Customer service

If you are looking for any help or issue resolution with Bowflex card then you can always call on the toll-free number, (800) 605-3369.

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