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Pay The Ohio Sales Taxes

The taxation department of Ohio is under the administrative department of the state and is responsible for the collection of sales taxes, local and property taxes. The department is under the jurisdiction of Ohio.

Rates of sales tax in Ohio

To check the same you need to visit,

From here you will get all the rates and the current changes on the same in Ohio. You will get rates from 2009 to the current year.

To pay the sales tax which is basically for business you need to create an account and upon login, you can have the feature.

Create an account with Ohio business getaway

Ohio Department of Taxation

  • Here at the left side of the page you will get a list and you have to click on, ‘Ohio business getaway’.

  • In this page at the right side, you will get a blue box and click on, ‘Create an account’.

  • Press on ‘Continue’ to proceed further.

  • Here agree to the acknowledgments and press on ‘Next’.

  • On the directed page, you have to input,

  • First name

  • Middle name (optional)

  • Last name

  • Suffix

  • Work phone number

  • Email confirmation

  • Date of birth

  • The last 4 digits of your social security number

  • Answer the verification question

  • Do agree to the terms and condition and press on ‘Next’.

Self Registration

  • Follow the alter prompts after this and you will get to create the account.

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Logging into the Ohio business getaway account


Home Login



  • In this page, type the username and the confirmed password and then press on, ‘Log in’.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost your login credentials then you need to visit the same page as before and in the login site click on, ‘Forgot username/password?’. In case of username type, the registered email and the answer of the verification question then press on, ‘Submit. For password, type the username and the verification question answer then hit on, ‘Next’. Follow the instructions after this and get back the details.

Pay for Ohio sales tax

There are two ways you can pay the Ohio sales tax and they are online and by phone. For the online, you can visit,

From here you have to go to, Ohio business getaway and then from there you can log in and pay the tax.

Online payment

For this visit link  and upon login, you can pay the bill by bank transfer or by credit or debit card.

Pay by phone

You can make payment via phone too, and the toll-free number- 800-697-0440.

Contact details

For any query or assistance from Ohio sales tax department then you can call at the toll-free number- (888) 405-4039 or you can send a mail to, Ohio Department of Taxation

P.O. Box 530

Columbus, Ohio 43216-0530.

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