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Pay Your Progressive Auto Insurance Premium

The progressive corporation was founded in 10th March 1937 and has its headquarter in, Mayfield, Ohio, United States. This is one of the largest car insurance provider in the US and offers services in Australia as well. The company has subsidiaries, ARX Holding Corp and so on.

Get a quote

To get the quote for auto, you need to visit,, and in the page click on, ‘Auto’. You will get a dialogue box opened and here you have to type your zip code then press on, ‘Quote auto’. You can add the other services with auto like, renters, condo, and home and the quote will come according to the added service.


Progressive Ranked One Of The Best Insurance Companies Progressive


File a claim

  • To file a claim you need to visit
  • On the landing page in the menu, panel click on ‘Claims’.
  • In the drop-down press on, ‘Claims overview’.
  • On the next page, you can click on ‘Report/track claim’ or call on the toll-free number- 1-866-621-4823.


Start or Track an Insurance Claim Online Progressive


  • If you are looking for an online claim then you need to register with an online account, and after logging in you can do the task.

To pay the insurance and to report or track claim you need to register then login to the account. Heres how you do it.

Register for Progressive

  • To register, you have to go to
  • Here on the page at the top right corner click on ‘Log in’.
  • In the next place, at the left side in the white box press on, ‘Register for an account’.


Progressive Online Servicing


  • The first task will be to enter your
  • Policy number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth and hit on, ‘Continue’.


Register an Account


  • Do follow the instructions after this and you will be able to register with an account.

Logging into your account

  • To log in, venture to the same page
  • On the directed page at the top right corner click on, ‘Login’


Progressive Login


  • In the adjacent place, type the user ID, and the set password then clicking on ‘Log in’ you will be logged in.

Forgot username or password

For this issue, you have to visit the same page as before and here in the white login box click on, ‘Need help logging in?’. Here in the next page, input the registered email address, zip code, date of birth and click on, ‘Continue’. Follow the later prompts and you will get back the information.

Get ID cards

If you want to card then you need to go to the login page and here click on, ‘Get ID cards’.

  • On the next page, type the
  • Policy number or email address
  • Zip code
  • Date of birth and click on ‘Continue’.


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Features of Progressive

  • You will get liability, collision and comprehensive coverages
  • Get lucrative discounts
  • Get bundle offer
  • Get to compare car insurance rates

Benefits of online account of Progressive

  • Get to make payment
  • Get to report and check on claims
  • Get automatic payment alerts

Insurance payment

To pay the Progressive insurance auto premium you will get 4 ways for it, online payment, payment without logging in, pay by mail, pay by phone. To check on the online ones you can visit,

Online payment

For this, you have to log into your account and take note from the above-mentioned details for this.

Payment without logging in

  • Check the earlier mentioned link and here click on, ‘Make a payment’.
  • In here you need to type
  • Your email address or policy number
  • Zip code
  • Date of birth and press on, ‘Continue’.


Progressive Online Servicing


  • Follow the later instructions and you will be able to make payment.

Pay by mail

You can send the mail with all the details at, Progressive Insurance, P.O. Box 6807, Cleveland, OH, 44101-1807.

Pay by phone

To pay, via phone, you need to contact at the toll-free number- 1-800-876-5581.

Contact details

For any more assistance, you can call on the toll-free number- 1-855-347-3749. Fax: 1-877-280-5587.

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