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Pay The Accelerated Collection Service

Accelerated collection service includes the most recent and efficient working system and it supports the efforts of the employees in the collection and providing services to every client.

The services provided by Accelerated collection service

The company provides services in,

  • Medical

  • Credit union

  • Dental and other items as well.

If you are interested in becoming a client with Accelerated then you need to fill up an online form and after that, you can have the services.

Become a client with Accelerated collection service

  • To apply you need to visit,

  • Here on the landing page, you will get the list of options in green and from there click on, ‘Clients’.

Accelerated Collection Service inc In Seattle

  • If you are an existing client and looking for a new account, then you need to fill up the form or for a new one you need to contact them on, 253-735-3200

  • 866-499-7717, Fax: 253-333-0835 or you can send a mail to, 1314 Central Ave S #200

Kent, WA 98032.

For the existing client, you need to fill out the form and you have to type,

  • Your name

  • Your client ID issued by ACS

  • Type the debtor’s name

  • Debtor’s street address

  • Debtor’s city, state and zip code

  • Debtor’s phone number

  • Debtor’s date of birth

  • Debtor’s social security number

  • Debtor’s place of employment

  • Debtor’s bank account

  • Specify if this is a judgment

  • Reference invoice or the judgment

  • The time the debt date was incurred

  • The date of the last charge

  • The date of the last payment

  • The date when the account became delinquent

  • The amount owed

  • Give a reason for the owed and click on ‘Submit’.

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Payment for Accelerated collection service

You will get three ways for the debt payment, online, mail payment, and phone. However, if you are planning to pay by mail, you need to confirm by calling the company first. For online access, you can go to,

From here you need to press on, ‘Online bill pay’.

Online payment

For the online one you need to visit the above link and here in the ‘Online bill pay’ you need to agree to the consumer terms and conditions, then you will be directed to the next page.

EZ Pay myPayrazr portal

Here type your,

  • Account number depicted in the invoice

  • Payment date

  • Payment amount

  • Billing phone number

  • If you are paying by eCheck then select the same and type,

  • Personal checking account type

  • Bank transit number

  • Bank account number

  • Name on account

  • Address

  • Billing City

  • State

  • Billing zip code and then click on ‘Next’.

  • Do follow the prompts after that and you will be able to make payment.

Payment by phone

You can call at, 253-735-3200 or 866-499-7717 and make payment.

Payment by mail

You can send the mail with the payment and other necessary details to, 1314 Central Ave S #200, Kent, WA 98032. However, you need to call the company to make sure of it.

Contact details

If you are looking for any assistance then you need to contact on the toll-free number- 253-735-3200, 866-499-7717.

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